Wij willen graag Familias Especiales, zeker in deze moeilijke tijd, blijven ondersrtreunen. Hieronder kunt u lezen op welke wijze wij dat willen doen. Daarvoor hebben we uw steun nodig. Bij ''U kunt helpen" kunt u lezen, hoe u uw bijdrage aan ons kunt overmaken. 


Ook in Nicargua zijn besmettingen van het corona virus. De overheid neemt het virus niet serieus en stimuleert juist bijeenkomsten om de bevolking op deze wijze stelling te nemen tegen het virus.
Alle activiteiten van Familias Especiales in Matagalpa zijn toch stilgelegd en alle medewerkers / vrijwilligers zitten thuis


Sinds mei 2018 is het erg onrustig, zelfs onveilig in Nicaragua. Er zijn al veel slachtoffers gevallen door de gewelddadige reacties vanuit de regering op de vele demonstraties. Ook in Matagalpa is het onrustig en ook daar zijn slachtoffers gevallen. U kunt hier meer over lezen in het magazine ''como no'' van de stedenband Tilbur Matagalpa. Ook kunt u de dagelijkse ontwikkelingen volgen op de Spaanstalige site van de Nicaraguaanse krant La Prensa. Het lijkt de laatste maanden rustiger in het land. Toch blijft de situatie zorgwekkend en duurt de repressie voort. Mensen die opkomen voor een andere mening, als die van de staat, lopen kans opgepakt te worden en vastgezet. 
Het belemmert ook het werk van familiasespeciales, omdat veel buitenlandse hulpverleners vertrokken zijn. Wij hebben nog steeds de mogelijkheid hulp te bieden en kunnen uw bijdrage daar probleemloos naar toe krijgen. 



In 2018 en 2019 hebben we ruim $ 8.000 kunnen schenken aan Familias Especiales in Matagalpa. Hiervoor zijn voedselpakketten samengesteld en uitgegeven aan gezinnen met een kind met een beperking. Dit bedrag is binnengekomen vanuit donateurs. Graag willen wij nog meer geld overmaken voor voedselhulp. Wilt u ons hierin ondersteunen? 

                                                                                    uitgifte van de voedselpakketten najaar 2019

bedankbrief Hermana Rebecca, leidinggevende Familias Especiales, Matagalpa:

Familias Especiales de Santa Julia Billiart
Diócesis de Matagalpa
RUC No J0510000017912
Centro Girasol 1 ½ C al Sur, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Tel: 2772-6030,

Dear Friends of Familias Especiales, 

I would like to thank you for your generosity.  Here in Nicaragua we are going through a very difficult period where we have a lot of turmoil socially y economically.  When Arie  mentioned to me that he would like to help us out.  I immediately thought of our mothers who feel so abandoned and who are suffering from nutritional problems.  With your help we are able to  help at least 200 families to make ends meet feeding their children, we are making special packets of basic food baskets to help these families out until we can get some more stability in our country.  Our promoters have been able to identify families who need help especially with their food budget. We want to thank you  because  with this help we can visit the family and say to them you are not alone, there are people who care about you and your children.  We want you to know  your generosity is helping those who really need the help and yet so often are forgotten. It has been a rough time for all  but we are pulling together to really make it through these times. 

Thank you again.

Sister Rebecca Familias Especiales



Dear friends of familias especiales,

We are still here in Nicaragua.  We are under red alert for flooding. Our program is running but we have suspended all classes and therapy until next week, because of the danger of mudslides and road closing etc.  October is always the worst month because by this time the rivers are full and when the heavy storms come we are likely to have more flooding.  As I write this the rains continue and people are losing their homes, however humble.  There are many people throughout the country who are very affected by the floods this year especially since most social safety nets have been used up.  Our center Girasol is way too close to the river for comfort, but our tortilla business there has increased.

Today I was struck by the change in our city itself. There just isn’t any movement, hardly any cars and traffic. The poverty is growing very rapidly and we have many people moving into the city from the rural areas without any basic services.  Many businesses that were thriving before April are now closed.  The number of unemployed on the streets and parks has grown and the public drunkenness has increased, and the large number of police officers still roaming the streets with their weapons. Food prices are steadily rising and the value of our money is falling it is now at 32 for the dollar.

  I am afraid that our wheel chair workshop is not going to be able to continue.  We have no chance of a container this year and the government is quickly passing a law to set up a giant company to control all imports and exports.  All experts in business and economics say this will be a major disaster for the economy but the law is moving along very quickly, as we are approaching 200 days of protests.

 I have written a project to a group in Australia called GoLove Foundation, we want to hire a nurse in the workshop so we can do home visits and access the wheel chairs that do exist and keep repairing and maintain what we do have in mobility aides, please keep this in your prayers.  We received a new wheel chair this week a donation from out of the blue and it was fitted immediately and left the workshop in a child’s service, within a day. ( 1 chair when we would normally have at least 75)

 The religious have a meeting with the Bishop in November which will be the first time since April that we have been able to meet with him. His life is in constant danger so we are not able to have the meeting details all confirmed until days before the meeting.  There are strange things like the government holding a march for the canonization of Romero.  There was a large service in Managua at the cathedral but here in Matagalpa the march was by the government. The church could not because of the confusion between that and the marches.  The government has tried to take on the role of the church.  There is still great negativity towards the church and especially the Bishops.  They are staying faithful to call for a dialogue but the government is deaf to any words from the Cardinal but sends out death threats publicly and is arresting people for having fotos on their cell phones of anit-government marches, they are arresting people who work for human rights group who have boarded on airplanes to leave the country.

 Meantime people are trying all kinds of ways to express their protests the most recent and widespread is called pico rojo where men and women are wearing bright red lipstick.  There are several boycotts of government products at the moment but they have been difficult to organize and to keep track of their affect but not difficult for the police to arrest anyone they suspect. I just ask for your prayers especially for those who are incarcerated and being tortured.  If you can try to keep our situation in the news somehow by requesting the media to run stories that come in on the wires or news services, the news services here are being attacked practically every week, but people are getting the word out through social media and fotos.  We do count on your prayers as we hope to make it through Oct without too much loss because of the storms.

 Thanks  Rebecca Trujillo


Tijdens en na het werkbezoek wat door Arie Erkelens in maart aan Nicaragua heeft gebracht is samen met de directeur, Hermana Rebecca Trujillo en, de adjunct directeur / hoofd sociaal werk, Marlane Hernandez een projectplan opgesteld. Dit plan heeft als doel de levensomstandigheden van gezinnen met een beperking te verbeteren

Er is grote behoefte aan: 

                                                   oventje met schoorsteen 
                                                  nieuwe betonnen wasbak

                                          aanbrengen van een betonnen vloer  
Er was vanuit diverse organisaties en donateurs € 4.900 beschikbaar voor dit projectplan. Echter vanwege de politieke ontwikkelingen en gewelddadige onlusten die nu zijn onstaan, hebben wij gekozen al dit geld beschikbaar te stellen voor voedselhulp. 
Wij zoeken daarom nog mensen die ons financieel willen ondersteunen om dit projectplan alsnog te realiseren. Uw bijdrage is dan ook van harte welkom!